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Willa Karpatia is an ideal place to spend free time with family, friends and co-workers. We also invite you to organised parties that take place on the facility premises. Each meeting is accompanied by friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and the climate of surroundings splendidly highlights the uniqueness of this place. We invite you to read the offer. We guarantee excellent impressions and unforgettable moments. We have a diversified offer of services, which will help to organise time that you will spend in our surroundings. We are proud of the opportunity to offer so diversified offer that many people have already appreciated over the years! We are very glad with the fact of our location. As a group of people, we create a harmonious team making it possible to help you on many planes and offering a wide and extensive spectrum of our business activities.

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– an outside Jacuzzi with massage and hot water – in connection with a long process of preparing the Jacuzzi (water heated in a natural manner with firewood in the stove), using it is for a consideration, it is PLN 50/1h/max 6 people – each person uses individually,
– Nordic Walking Poles,
– bikes – for a consideration (depending on time of being rented),
– sports equipment (balls, badminton and others),
– a playground,
– a fenced car park on the premises of the property,
– a place for a bonfire/grill,
– volleyball, football, badminton, basketball pitch
– a recreational garden: deckchairs, a hammock, garden furniture,
– a play area for children (board games, puzzles, toys),
– a library


– ATM – 1 km
– bank – 1 km
– chemist’s – 1 km
– church – 1 km
– shops – 50m, 300m
– restaurants, pub, pizza places, regional inns – 200 m
– Tatra National Park – 500 m
– doctor – 1 km
– bus stop – 30m
– taxi/minibus – on demand
– shepherd’s hut – 200 m, 2 km
– regional office – 1500 m


Meals next to the fireplace in the winter, breakfasts in the garden in the summer – these are climatic moments you will discover with us with your Family and Friends. The basis for our menu is the Old Polish, highland and Hungarian cuisine based on products from local suppliers.

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We have two multi-functional dining rooms, located in the bottom part of the building; the interior is cosily furnished in a regional style with a fireplace and TV. Next to the dining room, there is a kitchenette, available to Guests throughout their stay, equipped with a fridge, kettle, coffeemaker, microwave as well as all sorts of dishes and cutlery.

We serve meals here, in the winter, next to the fireplace, while in the summer, it is possible to serve breakfast in the garden. We serve dishes based on the Old Polish, traditional Polish cuisine in combination with the highland and Hungarian one. Products for their preparation like meat, milk, cheeses and eggs come from local farmers, while vegetables are delivered to us by fruit farmers from Łącko.

Breakfasts are extremely varied. Here one can taste delicious highland cheeses and cured meats as well as traditional Hungarian products, such as salami, pálenka, and wine straight from the Eger vineyard.

Dinners served in our facility are also a combination of cuisine of three cultures: Polish, highland and Hungarian ones, and our desserts – pastry, cakes, roasted apples and many others – are prepared every day from natural products with no preservatives.

Details of the Offer:

  • check-out time and check-in time are from 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM
  • a small, tastefully equipped universal centre, suitable both for teenagers, and for families and the elderly
  • children aged up to 3 can stay here free-of-charge, we offer facilities for families with children (playground, cot, small bath, high chair, toys)
  • food in the form of varied breakfasts (served from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM) as well as dinners with dessert (from 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM); times of meals to be agreed on individually each time
  • an open-access round-the-clock buffet with espresso (included in the stay price)
  • free wireless Internet, and an opportunity to use our stationary computer here
  • cable television
  • each Guest is given Karta Tatrzańska, offering discounts in numerous service facilities of the Podhale region
  • Guests have at their disposal two (multi-functional) dining rooms with a fireplace and a living room with TV
  • sports equipment, badminton, balls, Nordic Walking Poles and two mountain bikes
  • board games, puzzles, draughts, chess for bad weather
  • a book collection for adults and children
  • hosts’ support in planning visiting local attractions, assistance in solving Guests’ problems

We make available at the request of our Guests:

  • towels for PLN 5. – one-off payment,
  • an iron with the ironing board,
  • clothes airer,
  • washing machine (for a consideration).

If you want to make a booking, call +48605122900 or +48182019756, or send an e-mail to willakarpatia@willakarpatia.pl.

After making an initial booking of a room and/or the house, we will send you necessary details for making a bank transfer within seven days of making the initial booking, of deposit of 30 % from the total value of the stay on account of a given booking. After the money is received on the account, information with the booking confirmation will be sent to you within seven days. Please state in the bank transfer the details of a person making the booking as well as the dates of stay and the type of room.

Detailed information concerning the booking, settlement and possible reimbursements can be found in the Facility Regulations.

Detailed information concerning the booking, settlement and possible reimbursements can be found in the Facility Regulations.

Regulations – special terms and conditions for renting rooms in Willa Karpatia and Bajeczny Domek GIEWONT.

I. General Provisions

These Regulations determine the terms and conditions on which accommodation places in Willa Karpatia and/or Bajeczny Domek GIEWONT can be booked and rented. A contract between a client and the owner of the facilities is made upon booking via the Internet or by phone.

II. Booking

  1. To book a service, a Client books a stay via the Internet (by filling in the booking form available on the website of the facilities) or by phone. An initial booking of a chosen room which is kept for five working days and details for paying the deposit on account of the booked room/house will be sent to the client’s e-mail address and/or contact number. During that time, the owner of Willa Karpatia should receive the deposit of 30% the total value of the booking.
  2. The paid deposit is a confirmation of the booking.
  3. In the case the deposit is not paid during the set time limits, the initial booking is automatically cancelled.
  4. Upon receipt of the deposit or of the whole amount for the booking, the Client will receive an e-mail or an SMS with the confirmation of the payment.
  5. Unless the whole amount for the stay was paid, and only the deposit, the remaining amount must be paid forthwith on the date of arrival (while checking in) with the person giving the keys to a room.

III. Rental Contract Terms and Conditions

  1. A contract made between the facility owner and a Client covers only the renting of a room. Fees for utilities (current, gas, water, heating – during the heating season) and final cleaning are included in the renting price.
  2. Collection of keys – the arrival should take place during hours agreed on by phone or by e-mail with the person responsible for the booking.
  3. The day begins at 03:00 PM on the date of arrival and ends at 11:00 AM on the date of departure.
  4. In the case it is impossible to arrive as agreed earlier, the Client is under an obligation to forthwith notify the person responsible for the booking by phone.
  5. It is possible to check in until 10:00 PM.
  6. One has to rent rooms/house for at least two days.
  7. The Client is under an obligation to pay the amount from the stay booking confirmation even if for reasons not attributable to the facility owner the arrival and/or the stay is delayed or shortened (transport difficulties, personal reasons).
  8. It is the responsibility of the Client to forthwith notify the person responsible for the booking of all events that can expose the owner of the premises to damage.
  9. The Client may only use the premises for residential purposes and must not underlet it.
  10. The Client is liable for all damage it causes in the equipment of the premises and in the premises themselves. The Client undertakes to forthwith notify the person responsible for the booking or the person responsible for the keys of all damage and undertakes to cover them at the latest on the date of departure.
  11. Quiet hours apply in the rooms of Willa Karpatia from 10:00 PM to 07:00 AM of the following day.

IV. Client’s Obligations

  1. The number of people that are to stay in a room/house is limited to the number stated in the booking confirmation. The Client is under an obligation to inform about any change of this number by phone or by e-mail. If this number exceeds the number stated in the booking confirmation, the Client is under an obligation (if there is enough space in the room) to pay for undeclared persons. In all other cases the person responsible for the booking may refuse to give the keys to a room/house.
  2. The Client is under an obligation to keep to the good neighbourhood principles and to keep a room/house in a condition it was upon their arrival.
  3. Visitors, not checked in, may stay in a room/house from 12:00 noon to 09:00 PM.
  4. The owner of the Willa Karpatia and Bajeczny Domek GIEWONT facilities may refuse to accept a Client who grossly infringed the Regulations during a previous stay, causing damage to Willa Karpatia/Bajeczny Domek GIEWONT and/or to Guests’ possessions or personal injuries to Guests, workers and/or other persons staying in the aforementioned facilities. Or else shattered a peaceful stay of Guests and/or functioning of the facilities.
  5. Smoking cigarettes is absolutely prohibited on the premises of Willa Karpatia and Bajeczny Domek GIEWONT due to fire protection conditions (smoking only allowed in places designated for it).
  6. Due to fire safety, it is prohibited to use in rooms electrical appliances that are not the equipment and also to use open fire in the form of e.g. candles and others.

V. Changes in the Booking

  1. If the new date falls during a more expensive season, it is required to pay the difference in the price.
  2. Prolongation of the stay – the period of stay in a given room may be prolonged provided that the room is free, one should notify of this fact by e-mail or by phone.
  3. In the case the booking is cancelled at least 30 days before the date the stay begins, the deposit is returned in full; in all other cases the deposit is not returned. It is possible to transfer the deposit paid to a person who will make use of a service made according to the original booking.

VI. Transfer of Rights and Obligations to another Person

The Client may at any moment transfer all rights to which it is entitled on account of the booking to another person, if at the same time this person assumes all obligations resulting from this booking. In this situation the owner must be forthwith notified of the change of the booking person, stating personal details of a person assuming the rights and obligations resulting from a contract.

VII. Stay with Animals

  1. Stays with animals are not accepted – Willa Karpatia and Giewont Fairy House are places friendly for allergy sufferers.

VIII. Force Majeure

In the case unforeseeable circumstances occur whose effects cannot be forthwith eliminated using usual measures, the owner reserves the right to suggest a Client a substitute facility similar to the one originally booked. In the case of occurrence of Force Majeure events, the owner is entitled to cancel a contract. It also applies to cases in which it will be impossible to ensure personal safety of a Client or their possessions for reasons not attributable to the owner. Amounts paid by a Client are forthwith returned deducting the amounts due for services already rendered.

IX. Applicable Law

The laws of Poland are the applicable law for disputes between and the owner and a Client. Disputes will be settled by a court competent for the registered office of the owner.